Should Your Website Be A Marketing Engine?

What is a Web Marketing Engine? If you’re still thinking of your online presence in terms of a static website, then you’re missing out on a tremendous opportunity for actively reaching new clients! The good news is, we can help you stay on the cutting edge and in the flow…

Static Site  vs.  Web Marketing Engine

A static website is just a collection of HTML pages that is accessed through your browser. It’s main function is to provide pictures and information. It may look pretty, and contain useful information, but that is the extent of what it can do.

Your web marketing engine on the other hand, provides you with powerful tools that enable you to do much more.  In effect, a web marketing engine is holistic by nature. We say that because it’s composed of a collection of tools that work together to essentially become like a central nervous system for online marketing — and a main portal for your business. It is no longer the simple text offer with a sign up. Even the most basic web marketing system will allow you to:

  • collect emails of visitors
  • send you updates on what terms people use to search for you online
  • manage newsletter subscriptions
  • send newsletters to clients and prospects
  • send and receive email
  • have an online store or eCommerce adjunct/function that allows you to sell your products or services online
  • manage blogs, webinars or events
  • offer a gateway for people to pay you online, and so on

A web marketing engine allows you to do your marketing in one central place. It enables you to tap into Social Media (like Facebook and Twitter),  improve your marketing visibility via SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and allow clients to create a community around your business by having a continuing dialog with you.

Today’s effective websites are equipped with CMS frameworks. CMS or Content Management Systems are like your backend green card without knowing how to code. They’re what allows you to design and update your web pages easily and quickly without much technical help and training.

The beauty of a CMS is that it allows you to respond quickly and create fresh content on the spot for your audience. Want to post about your breaking news or reference what’s happening? No more waiting a week for your web guru to update it – it’s easy with a CMS.  Just type and save—voila! It’s on your website. If you’re not doing fresh content on your website regularly (at least once a month) then you could be losing SEO opportunities.So now that we understand what your website should be capable of, let’s try to understand what goes into building one.

Should You Create Your Web Marketing Engine Now?

Everyone can benefit from reaching new clients across varied online platforms. It’s that simple. If you don’t want to do it yourself, even though you now can with the ease and efficiency of CMS, just hire someone to set things up for you. You can hire a virtual assistant on O-Desk and expand your reach in no time.

If you want a professional head start on your web marketing, just ask. We’re your ticket to greater online marketing relevancy and efficiency.  We offer a complimentary risk-free evaluation of your current website. You can then choose from among 3 tiers of Strategic Consulting that will build you up and propel you forward at the level you want to work. We’ll answer your questions and help you decide what’s right for you up front. At no charge.

You may also discover how you rank on search engine pages compared to your top competitors, what keywords and opportunities you can use, and how your business is perceived on the Internet. Your company is unique—and we’ll work with you to understand what your marketing vision is — and how you can improve your web presence.


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