So What Does A Website Cost?

Perhaps the number one question people want to know is “How much does a website cost?” A quick search on Google and Bing doesn’t yield a solid reference for this comparison. So we’ve decided to answer it for you here.

The question of website cost has two parts: First, (a) How much does it cost to develop a static site, meaning a bunch of pages sitting on a URL, versus (b) adding interactive tools to make it user friendly and act as the hub for your larger marketing platform – what we call a basic “web marketing engine.” Decide whether you need a web marketing engine in the post Should My Website Be A Marketing Engine? Your choice of approach determines the level of design and development your site will require. Second, your business size determines what people in your range are paying today. You can check out the sample range below.

So What Does A Website Cost?

Up front, the cost of a website ranges from $3,000 to millions of dollars. Keep in mind that these are costs to implement. Additional costs to prepare for include: Creating new content, Adding functionality, and Maintaining the site itself and content in general. These ranges are proportional to what your marketing requirements will be, ie. a percentage of your marketing budget (typically from 10-12% upwards of your revenue).


  • Small Business: If you’re a typical small business, expect to pay $4,000-$40,000.
  • Medium-Sized Business: If you are a medium-sized business, expect this to start at $25,000 up to $250,000.
  • Large Company: If you are a large company, the cost starts at $75,000 and up (if it’s any indication, a top couturier paid $5 million JUST for an 8 minute video that went into their marketing campaign).

 Integral Active Media

  • Small Business: Our websites range from $3,000-$30,000.
  • Medium-Sized Business: For medium size businesses, we start at $15,000 up to $65,000.
  • Large Company: If you are a large company, the cost starts at $65,000 to $250,000 and up.

Using a mainstream web development service, medium to large size companies are paying for a web marketing team in-house.  When you factor in salaries, office equipment, rent, and sundries, it begins to make sense. This is the reason why having an outside web-developer, working with a contracting company such as Integral Active Media, makes sense for a smaller business.

We explore the rationale for these costs in the post Why A Branded Site? For example, it is true that (almost) anyone can build a website (my friend’s 14-year old son built one on a text-editor). But building one that reflects your brand, that helps promote your business, that makes it easy for a visitor to understand what you’re selling and see immediate value– that level of integration requires more than ninja-style uber skills, it requires integral life experience.

Our rate is based on what we believe is reasonable for the bulk of our clientele which are small to mid-sized, Boulder-Denver based businesses. Our methodology has been tailored to deliver design and development services based on experience and the desire to support your presence in the marketplace, seen over at least the next 5 years, by helping you strategize and monetize the sustainable progressive values you not only promote, but that you live for.





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