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Welcome to our meta stance for global evolution. Here we would like to present you with both a progressive philosophical perspective of what it takes for society to evolve and strategic business aims for doing our part to make the world a better place. This is just our version. We hope your inspiration is piqued, and we invite you to join the conversation via our events or social media streams where we hope you’ll find mind blowing experiences, initiatives and advancements around the world that spark your unique passion! Viva Gaia. May we transform together.


The World We Want To Live In



Breathe. Transcend. Embody.

What motivates you to get active? Let us know so we can include your interests in our events program. We are active supporters of leading-edge educational, multi-media, and resource development initiatives with a hand for both high profile and under-served communities. We are committed to helping raise the moral values inherent in socio-economic exchange, to monetizing more sustainable world views and to exploring new definitions of heart centered business. We begin by engaging iconoclasts, eco-preneurs, and artists of all trades to share their philosophy and talent for living more fully and integrally. We do everything we can to nurture and showcase how their unique actions are inspiring fresh cultural movements and transforming our world.


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Waking up our world

We are also moved to support far reaching issues like rights advocacy and systems changes by (a) upholding transparency in today’s media, (b) engaging progressive policy, and (c) supporting leading edge experiential programs. Our strategy is to align with Educational, Private, and Activist organizations at key leveraging points for igniting the very real social shifts happening globally.


Honoring developmental balance

We recognize the much needed balance of introducing contemplative inner competencies, specifically in the marketplace and to society as a whole. This inner awareness acts as a turnkey to stimulate the overdue holistic health and economic resilience of our socio-cultural program. Finding balance amid the escalating challenges of global life, building flexible sustainable business practices, engaging a spectrum of human values– Working together we serve a higher and deeper purpose for ourselves, and our species’ presence on the planet.


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Reach. Reflect. Radiate.

Show us how you’re stepping up… Integral Active Media is honored to donate a percent of our profits annually to key local initiatives or charities of your choice. Coming soon: Tell us how someone you know is changing their world/ supporting a valiant cause. Then cast your votes. Winners will enjoy being the recipient of annual proceeds and will be actively featured on our website and across our social media streams.

(Coming soon.)




 Connect. Lead. Serve.

If you’re like many businesses today, you might be feeling limited by the failing socio-political-economic system. Yet you strive to integrate a new standard of holistically rewarding business practices with deeply sustainable lifestyle values. Together, each in our own way, we are naturally identifying and supporting emergent selfless values so we can actualize our potential and build bridges for a more balanced life and a sustainable future. Sharing and leveraging your unique realizations and content is key. Now more than ever it becomes clear that our individual inner transformations empower our groups and influence the rate at which we transform our world.

Media is reflective of our mind. When used with conscious intention, it serves as a living breathing bridge for supporting connections and implementing our solutions collectively. From the inside out. Welcome to the age of evolutionary design, a carbon-silicon interface at the leading edge.


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