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Women Entrepreneurs


Sacred Money, Sacred Life

Spring 2015 Program

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“I got really tired of being a solo entrepreneur — and other group programs offered success but lacked spiritual grounding. It’s such a empowering thing to journey with like-minded women doing unique work in the world. What you have to offer is impressive. Thank you so much for bringing this! ”  

–Sandy, participant in Sacred Money, Sacred Life 2014 BETA 



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Imagine getting together with inspirational and transformational speakers and performers in an intimate container to mutually explore the depth and span of unprecedented influential offerings. You are invited to bring your experience, curiosity, and awareness, because you are given access to real engagement. An open heart and mind is the doorway to evolutionary human design.


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We build these cutting edge conscious containers for each unique event specifically to feature serious innovation at the world’s most powerful intersections. We invite you to participate in effective solutions, greater perspective, and real breakthroughs with your peers and favorite mentors in alternative fields. By revealing new information and sparking engagement in what’s happening at the leading edge across multiple sectors, our consciousness expands.



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SEARCHING FOR  SACRED BUSINESS? Go beyond Google. Dive into the future of conscious media. Alternative media designed to take on the meeting of meditation and the marketplace.

EXCITED ABOUT HUMAN POTENTIAL? Love Tesla? Our interior development and our sciences are more aligned than ever for breakthroughs in the conscious use of technology.


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