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3 Creative Ways To Marketing Your Holistic Practice

3 Creative Ways to Market Your Holistic Practice Online Most holistic or alternative medicine practitioners love what they do, but struggle with the marketing and promotion of their practice.  This is largely because there’s a collective belief that marketing is separate from healing people.. and that it’s an inherently undesirable or inauthentic process.  This belief is […]

Should Your Website Be A Marketing Engine?

What is a Web Marketing Engine? If you’re still thinking of your online presence in terms of a static website, then you’re missing out on a tremendous opportunity for actively reaching new clients! The good news is, we can help you stay on the cutting edge and in the flow… Static Site  vs.  Web Marketing Engine […]

Websites for 3 Business Phases. What’s Yours?

Let’s walk through 3 quick client profiles to help you get an understanding of process and cost at various phases of business. The purpose is to help you identify some of your own needs in at least one of these examples. Each represents an exciting and fulfilling time in our own professional life, and we couldn’t be […]

Why A Branded Website?

In 3 crucial seconds, a user—a potential client visiting your website—can decide if they value your business or not. It is no understatement that for a business, especially a small one, a website is a powerful tool. You want that customer don’t you? A branded website is designed specifically to convey the immediate importance and […]

6 Simple Steps To Building Your Website

6 Simple Steps to Building Your Website  Flexible process | Flexible Effort | Flexible Cost Our design is based on over 6 years of experience. Our first website was for a business and lifestyle entrepreneur in L.A. Recently we worked on the user interface for Gaiam TV, a fortune 500 company. Our methodology has evolved […]

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