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We are a full service web and mobile design group in Boulder, CO. Our business is designed to help you create exceptional brand presence and platforms. Our clients receive leading edge design services and strategic consultations that sustain their laudable goals.


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Our strategy supports the use of media in a mindful way: design that integrates your clearest core values with flexible new technology for  a user experience that’s true to heart. Our philosophy holds that transformational design is simply human potential actualized. Digital media is a powerful tool, yet it is your spark of human consciousness, your creative purpose that drives its usefulness. The bottom line? We design media that evolves with You. We invite you to ‘discover your evolutionary design.’ 


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We are a small committed team of contractors who’ve created a sustainable hub for launching new ideas and transforming existing ones in the world of media and design.

Run.  Bike.  Swim.

Located in the foothills of sunny Boulder, Colorado, our team radiates a fun-loving creatively inspired vibe. We motivate with a mindful approach to endurance sports and a healthy lifestyle. You’ll see us meditate, play or take to the trails to energize and gain fresh perspective. We believe inspired efficiency comes from a merging of contemplative practice and skillful means.



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Founder/ Creative Director, Rebecca Carlson, believes our world is ripe for new ways of using media that will bridge more authentic connections. Digital and Live platforms alike, it’s time to embrace new ways we can all share courageous progressive ideas, services, and products — New ways we can take action to meet the immediate challenges in our emerging global society.

One.  Planet.  Now.

The state of our world invites us to look at how our interior values, the way we think and function daily, are reflected through our  use of media.

IAM has emerged as the culmination of various human potential projects and business interests over the past decade. If you’re curious what inspires and motivates us to make the world a better place, you can read more of our stance on evolutionary activism. That’s the big picture.



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