3 Creative Ways To Marketing Your Holistic Practice

3 Creative Ways to Market Your Holistic Practice Online

Most holistic or alternative medicine practitioners love what they do, but struggle with the marketing and promotion of their practice.  This is largely because there’s a collective belief that marketing is separate from healing people.. and that it’s an inherently undesirable or inauthentic process.  This belief is undermining the success of countless alternative medicine practitioners in the world.  Marketing can in fact be a highly enjoyable aspect of building a practice.  In fact, I think it’s absolutely critical to develop a positive perception of marketing, as it’s the primary bridge you have to link your services with people who need what you have to offer.

The key is to implement marketing strategies that are education-based, position you as a trusted leader and expert, and ‘attract’ people to you, as opposed to you having to get out there and hunt them down.  In my experience, the internet is the best way to accomplish this objective, as you can implement a variety of creative strategies that convey a great deal of value and help people understand exactly how you can help them.  In order to be successful in any alternative medicine practice, it’s really important to think outside of the box.  Don’t just do what everyone else does, i.e., build a passive online brochure style website, get a business card and brochure ,and cross your fingers that people knock down your doors for your help.  While this may sound humorous, it’s actually more or less what most CAM practitioners do… and it unfortunately leads to pretty profound disappointment.

Let’s take a look at 3 innovative strategies to market your alternative medicine practice:

1.  Implement Educational Online Videos ~  Having an extensive online video library on Youtube is a great way to market your practice, as online video is still pretty cutting edge in the alternative medicine industry.  I recommend shooting a video per week indefinitely to promote your practice.  Have your videos target various keywords and distribute them through your social media networks like your Facebook fan page and Twitter.  The great thing about online video is that it’s a pretty easy medium to use.  Once you get the hang of it, you can shoot 3-4 minute Youtube videos in just a few minutes time.  You can either use your webcam, a Flip camera, or you can do powerpoint presentations.  Video is a great way to educate people and make an emotional connection with your audience.

2.  Set up Monthly Webinars and Teleclasses ~ Perhaps one of the best modern marketing strategies you can implement is to offer ongoing webinars and teleclasses to your audience.  These can work even better than doing talks in the community, as attending a webinar or teleclass is much more convenient, and often less intimidating, than attending a live event.  You can use services like GoToWebinar.com or Freeconferencecall.com and set up accounts there.   Then, you can invite current patients to your online events, and encourage to tell as many people as they know and to promote them on Facebook and Twitter for you.  You can also set up advertising campaigns on Facebook that go to a webinar registration page.  This is a very effective form of direct response marketing.  Webinars and teleclasses work so well because they are education-based, soft-selling ways of promoting your services.  These mediums position you as an expert and build good will with your audience, as the goal is to share as much value as you can.

3.  Write your own e-book and set it up on your website ~  Writing an e-book is not as arduous and difficult as it may seem.  In fact, you could create a short 10 page report, format it well, and add some graphics, and you could get away with calling it an e-book.  I recommend giving away your e-book for free in exchange for people’s name and email address.  Any time you offer your own information products, people will tend to value your services more than they would otherwise.  In your e-book, be sure to share a lot of great health and wellness tips, share your personal story, and overcome any fears or objections people have to investing in your services.

Commit to being an educational pioneer, who has a passion for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. Implementing marketing strategies such as these require a certain level of commitment and seriousness on your behalf.  Given that they are intended to convey a higher level of expertise and value, you have to be willing to offer your time, energy, and knowledge for free on the front end in order for people to get to know and trust you.  Remember that one of the greatest challenges any alternative health practice faces is that the masses simply have no clue what they really do, or how they could benefit from their modalities.  When you use strategies like these, you’re committing to being an educational pioneer who has a passion for sharing your knowledge and wisdom,  even if that means that a lot of people will only use your free information and never pursue your paid services.

If you authentically market who you are in this way, there will never be a shortage of business for you.  If you lead with generosity and value, people will come flocking to you for help.  That has been my experience, along with the many clients I have coached over the years.

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